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RANT is the largest community of senior end-user only information security professionals in the UK. Established to provide uniquely relaxed and open networking events where members can discuss and debate challenging industry topics, while receiving educational content and CPE credits.
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RANT is back with a classic forum sponsored by award-winning IT training company “Skillsoft”. The August RANT Forum will take place in a lovely new location – The Terrace Bar of The Doggett’s Coat and Badge. This great pub is located right in the heart of London by Blackfriars Bridge, with stunning panoramic views over the Thames and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Skillsoft will be hosting a lively panel discussion on the popular, debatable topics of Security Awareness and Collaboration.

-Who or what is holding us back in reaching security utopia?
-Is the talent crisis impacting cybersecurity to the extent that analysts say it is or is it all hearsay?

95% of spear-phishing attacks are successful because of human error and although technology is improving, the time that threat actors remain undetected is increasing! At 175 days, EMEA is 74 days longer than the global current average of 101 days, which is already up from 99 in 2016.Clearly this is a people problem, but who’s to blame? Is it the tech providers, the wider organisation or a combination of both? We look forward to hearing your thoughts. Remember this is RANT, so don’t hold back on your thoughts and opinions!Given we have had a significant break from the London RANT Forums, we already have a lot of interest in this event, so we recommend registering now!

About RANT

The RANT Forums provide the opportunity for Disruptive Debate, Open Discussion & Networking for influential cybersecurity and information security professionals from end-user organisations. The panel talks are followed by a long, relaxed networking opportunity for all members to discuss and debate relevant Information Security related issues with like-minded individuals.

Launched over nine years ago, the RANT forums have become very popular and quickly become oversubscribed. The topics are always stimulating and controversial. The events are held under The Chatham House Rule and are the perfect opportunity for the InfoSec community to talk about the real issues the industry faces and freely share their own experiences and opinions throughout the discussions and the networking.

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The RANT Forums are typically held on the last Wednesday of every month in central London and quarterly in Manchester.

Feel free to contact us at contact@rantevents.com with any questions.

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