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RANT is the largest community of senior end-user only information security professionals in the UK. Established to provide uniquely relaxed and open networking events where members can discuss and debate challenging industry topics, while receiving educational content and CPE credits.
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The Cybersecurity Certifications Paradox: Why, despite the rapid pace of threats, do we still measure skills with paper?

This RANT Forum Event on Wednesday 30th October brings you a classic combination of relaxed networking, pub grub, good beer and outstanding RANT style panel discussion and debate, at the Token House, hosted by our partner, Immersive Labs, the world’s first fully interactive, on-demand, and gamified cyber skills platform.

We’re part of an industry that wears its rapid pace of change as a badge of honour. There’s no question that cybersecurity demands a constantly evolving skill set. Current predictions put the number of open security roles at 3.5 million by 2021; it’s impossible for all of those individuals to attend days of classroom training to validate their knowledge. At the other extreme, googling the latest breach currently qualifies as training in thinly spread teams.

About RANT Forums

RANT Forums are typically held in Pubs around the City and provide a relaxed environment for disruptive debate, open discussion & networking for influential cybersecurity and information security professionals from end-user organisations. The panel talks are followed by a relaxed networking opportunity for all members to discuss and debate relevant Information Security issues with like-minded individuals.  Launched over ten years ago, the RANT Forums have become very popular and quickly become oversubscribed. The topics are always stimulating and controversial and are held under The Chatham House Rule. They are the perfect opportunity for the End User Information Security and Cyber Security community to talk about the real issues the industry faces and freely share their own experiences and opinions throughout the discussions and the networking.

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