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RANT is the largest community of senior end-user only information security professionals in the UK. Established to provide uniquely relaxed and open networking events where members can discuss and debate challenging industry topics, while receiving educational content and CPE credits.
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It’s in our DNA to restrict the “hard sell” by sponsors of our events and deliver information in an engaging and thought provoking way. We regularly hear about the sheer volume of approaches members get on a day to day basis, so we’re looking to create a new service to make finding information easier, whilst still maintaining a provider-neutral environment.

Our plan is to create a service which will contain a range of resources, news feeds and technology insights that you can tailor based on the choices YOU make about the topics that interest you the most. We aim to deliver this in the way you prefer and, most importantly, no intrusive contact just because you’ve downloaded a whitepaper for research purposes!

In order to do all this, we need your help.  This is why we have created the RANT Focus Group, so we can understand and shape a hub that is fit for purpose with the help of our members.  We have organised a structured workshop format designed to efficiently gather the information we need to build the hub from a technology, compliance and content perspective.

If you are interested in contributing to this event, please send us an email to contact@rantevents.com or simply click on the ‘Request your attendance’ button above!

The whole RANT Team looks forward to the new ideas, challenges and beginnings our community will bring.

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