Breakfast Briefing in partnership with Illusive Networks and Team 8

9th May 2018


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

This popular quote has never been more relevant with necessary perimeter security tools yet losing their prominence in our industry facing advanced and persistent attackers. The challenge now lies with the new threat landscape in a digital transformation era. Time of change acts as a window of opportunity to the adversary but also to the CISOs adopting innovative ways to stay ahead of the bad guys.

So why not join us for a cooked breakfast, educational talks and a compered RANT discussion with 20 of yours peers in the relaxed, informal environment that we hold so dear.

We will cover; understanding the attackers as an enabler of keeping them in the dark and preventing from a breach to become a real business crisis, and everything in between.



8 Lancashire Court

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The other participants all seemed to be there to discuss, share and gain experience and it was refreshing that it didn't feel like anybody was showing off.

A RANT Conference attendee

RANT Dinners - An excellent networking opportunity where you will definitely learn a thing or two.

Global Risk Architecture, JP Morgan