January RANT Radio in partnership with Bluefort Security

27th January 2021
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WTF: What’s The Future?

Keen to file 2020 in an underground bunker, the next RANT Radio seeks to tackle a big question: What does the emerging world of work look like to an attacker, and how do we secure it?

For a big topic, we have big speakers, all of whom have been told to look at the next 1/3/5 years’ to try and understand the enterprise information security challenges that will arise from the ashes of 2020:

Soloman Gilbert: Vocal security advocate, 10-year-old Soloman’s first reaction when given a laptop at school was to shut everyone else’s down.  Oddly, he is now a pentester.

Josh Neame: Josh helps Bluefort Security create and deliver specialised technology solutions for some of the largest companies in the UK.


January RANT Radio

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