RANT Bespoke Forum – Police Special

16th April 2015


Join us at The Counting House on the Wednesday April 16th with our proud partner Red Snapper Group for an exciting RANT Special.

The Forum will be based around an adversarial debate between two RANT champions going head to head to discuss the relationship between the police and private organisations on the topic of Cybercrime.

“The authorities seem, at best ill-equipped and at worst disinterested, in tackling cyber crime. What we need is a demonstration of a genuine commitment before organisations are likely to report such incidents”. – Richard Krishnan

“The Police require everyone to report cyber attacks.The current tendency, for organisations to withhold such information, makes it impossible to properly assess the threat and permits criminals to act with impunity”. – DCC Jon Boutcher



The Counting House

50 Cornhill

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Great events, a good way to get up to speed on latest industry developments in a friendly atmosphere.

Chris Coombe, A RANT Forum Attendee

There's a genuine air of conviction (of the right sort) around the challenges you get from the audience when speaking at a RANT event. Quite happy to come away with two falls and a submission rather than the usual conference group therapy.

Danny Dresner, A Regular RANTer and Speaker