RANT Forum London – Cold, Hard Market Forces

25th May 2016


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Should cold, hard market forces be left to address customer privacy issues or do regulators and governments need to protect customers from their own ambivalence?

If the consumer doesn’t care enough to move their custom elsewhere when their personal information is collected without clear business need or adequate protection, then is this an indication that the market rejects the need for regulation (No Harm; No Foul; No Risk), or is this a concept too complicated for the “common man” to grasp creating the need to protect consumer from themselves (Complex Risk; Individual, Societal and Economic Downstream Harm)?


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Paul Simmonds

The RANT Roundtable Dinner was a very good evening. I met some interesting people and there was some lively discussion on various topics. I’d also like to mention some positive engagement that came about after last year’s Infosec Rant. Thanks to a very topical discussion at RANT on Neurodiversity, I was introduced to a group of neuro diverse students studying Information Security in Worcester, who joined me on a Pentesting project within my organisation. This project provided them with exceptional work experience and allowed us all to learn from each other. This successful project will hopefully be run again this year, and is all thanks to a conversation held at a Rant event.

Neil Cornfoot, Principal Security Engineer, Telefonica UK