RANT Forum London – Mad as Hell and Not Gonna Take it Anymore!

27th January 2016


Something is seriously wrong here. Businesses spend millions of pounds every year on the latest security technologies to keep their businesses safe – and then they still get attacked!

Why does this continue to happen over and over again? How are cyber criminals able to deliver malware attacks that are completely undetectable? What can we do to stop it?  It should be obvious by now that spending more money on these same security technologies is not the answer. Should we all just give up and assume we’re going to be attacked? Clearly, it’s time to think differently about network security. Join us for a lively discussion where you will be encouraged to share your own security experiences, best practices, and crazy ideas to solve this problem.



The Counting House

50 Cornhill

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Great atmosphere and great conversation sparked by the RANT topic, irrespective of whether the speakers manage to hold their own or get demolished by the audience!

Paul Green, a regular RANT attendee

RANT Dinners - An excellent networking opportunity where you will definitely learn a thing or two.

Global Risk Architecture, JP Morgan