RANT Forum London – Security vs. Privacy: The Great Debate

26th November 2014


Join us at The Counting House on the Wednesday November 26th with our proud partner Digital Shadows for our final Risk And Network Threat Forum of the year. The topic?:

Security versus Privacy: The Great Debate

Since Edward Snowden’s disclosures about the substantial capabilities of Anglo-American data-gathering programmes, there has been a growing sense that security comes at the expense of privacy. Media and non-governmental organisations have been quick draw acrid comparisons with Orwellian and Kafkaesque dystopias, and particularly the emphasis which these authors placed on the erosion of citizens’ rights.

But it is not this simple. The work of intelligence agencies is inherently paradoxical; whilst their work requires secrecy in order to maintain the anonymity of their sources and methods, it is also asked to operate within a democratic system – a system which demands transparency, openness and individual liberties.

This discussion seeks to understand how a sensible balance can be brought between security and privacy.

The format for the evening will be a compèred panel discussion with 2 panellists arguing for greater privacy and 2 panellists arguing for greater security.


RANT Forum


The Counting House

50 Cornhill

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I have to say this was by far the best RANT Conference of them all! I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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