RANT Forum Manchester – IPEXPO Special

20th May 2015


RANT is proud to be working together again with IPEXPO to host a RANT Special within the exhibition hall at the “Cyber Security Theatre” (T5 on the map) on the first day of IPEXPO Manchester. The topic?

Cybersnipers: Don’t give them a clear shot

“What do we mean today by a ‘targeted attack’? Where once it referred to the fact that a specific organisation was being targeted – as opposed to a more traditional ‘spray gun’ malware campaign – now the targeting is far more sophisticated. By investing more man hours into reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, attackers have discovered they can get the keys to the kingdom by targeting your IT administrators. Just look at the huge breadth of data types the Sony hackers lifted. That kind of access can only come from admin level permissions.

These attacks are short, sharp and yield a much higher success rate: more like a sniper than a foot soldier spraying machine gun fire. But how can we guard against attacks targeting what should be the most tech-savvy members of an organisation?”

This particular RANT will follow the usual format but will be open to all attendees of IPEXPO.

Please note that as this is a co-located event within IPEXPO Manchester you MUST have booked your ticket to IPEXPO using the link below or you will not be permitted inside the venue.



RANT Forum

  • 4:30pm - 5:00pm
    Registration, Networking & Drinks
  • 5:00pm - 5:45pm
    Debate & Discussion

    Cybersnipers: Don’t give them a clear shot

  • 5:45pm - 7:00pm
    Networking & Drinks 'til Close


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RANT provides a forum for open and honest discussion about a huge range of Cyber Security issues and topics. It is really valuable to get such a range of opinions from professionals in the field; from newbies, to 30+ year veterans.

Will Smith, L&G

The RANT Roundtable Dinner was a very good evening. I met some interesting people and there was some lively discussion on various topics. I’d also like to mention some positive engagement that came about after last year’s Infosec Rant. Thanks to a very topical discussion at RANT on Neurodiversity, I was introduced to a group of neuro diverse students studying Information Security in Worcester, who joined me on a Pentesting project within my organisation. This project provided them with exceptional work experience and allowed us all to learn from each other. This successful project will hopefully be run again this year, and is all thanks to a conversation held at a Rant event.

Neil Cornfoot, Principal Security Engineer, Telefonica UK