RANT Radio- Protecting the front-line: Overworked and overwhelmed

28th October 2020
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Protecting the front-line: Overworked and overwhelmed

As security continues its rise towards being a more strategic business function, we need to remember front-line teams. Working hard identifying, analysing and mitigating threats is challenging but vital work.  Being on the sharp end of an endless barrage not only decreases effectiveness, but impacts mental health and team culture.  

Yet despite all their efforts, mean time to identify a security breach is still 197 days, and containment another 69. The reality is that with the current reactive approaches to cyber defence, there simply aren’t enough skilled professionals to analyse the volume of incidents that most organisations face. With limited resources, an ever-growing skills gap and an escalating volume of security alerts, organisations are left vulnerable to what is perceived to be unavoidable risk. This environment is demanding more of already resource-constrained CISOs.

So how can they further minimise risk from cyber threats without further increasing the workload?


RANT Radio

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RANT provides a forum for open and honest discussion about a huge range of Cyber Security issues and topics. It is really valuable to get such a range of opinions from professionals in the field; from newbies, to 30+ year veterans.

Will Smith, L&G

An excellent evening. Rant picked a very good venue and speakers. Keep ranting!

Dawn James, A regular RANT'er