RANT Radio – Dissecting Cloud Security Alliance value for CISOs

29th July 2020
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Join our outstanding panel of speakers as they discuss something that seems to be on a lot of peoples minds throughout lockdown; What more could I do to further my career? This could mean exploring an abundance of certifications, join a working group perhaps or take more training courses. We will delve into the world of compliance vs security and understand just how certain certifications are perceived by CISOs.

Our panelists will be covering:

-Certifications and the importance of standards

-Compliance vs security

-Audit vs compliance

-Shared responsibility model

-Maturity matrix – Evolution of roadmap to migrate securely to Cloud

-Buys vs build – when to buy externally or build internally

-How CSA resources have been or can be best used by CISOs

-Advantages of joining CSA

-CSA publications & active working groups

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Thanks for the invitation, it was a great evening with some very interesting discussions. The excellent venue lived up to its impressive image and the food was very good with a good mix of options. The discussion topic was very appropriate, but also the spread of sectors presented also showed that it is quite a transversal topic for our industry. The vendor's knowledge on the topic was very good and thought-provoking. I'd like to be invited to similar RANT events in the future. Really good event, I really enjoyed it and the mix of people.

Dan Harris – CISO, AXA

Overall, this was simply the best event I have attended, possibly ever!

A RANT Conference attendee