RANT Webinar- A quick History of Deception and why it should be applied to the cyber realm

12th July 2018
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RANT Webinars are an interactive forum to explore industry topics, from the comfort of your own office (or anywhere with a good Wifi connection). Working with the BrightTALK platform, RANT Webinars still have that RANT spirit of disruptive debate.

On Thursday 12th July at 3pm, Tony Cole, CTO at Attivo Networks will be presenting; ‘A quick History of Deception and why it should be applied to the cyber realm’.

Deception has long been used in the physical realm to great success, especially by strategic thinking military commanders to win complex battles. During this talk, we’ll discuss some of the great applications of deception over the millennia in battles and how it’s become a common part of warfare. Today the cyber realm is also a domain that militaries acknowledge they must fight and defend to protect their countries. We’ll discuss how the fight though isn’t limited to militaries in the cyber domain and that CISOs have a globally interconnected enterprise that’s also under continuous attack from nation-states, organized crime, and other malicious actors. We’ll discuss how deception is broadly applicable in the cyber realm and how it can help CISOs be more strategic in their approach to help win battles against their adversaries.

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Thank you for the invitation to the excellent event on Thursday evening - I particularly enjoyed the opening by Stephen Bonner. Not a sales pitch. Funny. And insightful. Plus a fabulous venue. Well done.

Steve Hill

RANT is a long standing forum providing an opportunity for open and unbiased debate on information security and data privacy issues outside of the constraints of corporate pressures, alongside the opportunity to network with one's peers.

Mike Ixer, A regular RANT attendee