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12th November 2020
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More haste, less speed: How do you mitigate risk within digital transformation and secure a cloud-first environment?

The one factor contributing towards risk in digital transformation more than any other, is pace. With a fire lit under digital delivery teams, the inexorable charge towards applications and services gains unstoppable momentum. Once on this track, risk mitigation can become viewed as prohibitive, which in turn impacts on the reputation of the CISO and their team. It is seen as a hinderance, not an enabler.

To address this, security must become embedded within transformation from the outset. Done in this way, data governance is built into the heart of digital transformation initiatives, as opposed to being bolted on. However, with corporate politics, deadlines, budgetary constraints, compliance, and the business imperative taking precedence, this is easier said than done.

This session brings together a select group of senior security leaders to discuss strategies for achieving this balance whilst maintaining a secure cloud environment.


RANT Virtual Cheese and Wine Tasting

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The other participants all seemed to be there to discuss, share and gain experience and it was refreshing that it didn't feel like anybody was showing off.

A RANT Conference attendee

Rant provides a very well thought out and presented range of sessions ranging from general networking events to focused discussion groups covering key topics that impact our businesses

Mark Foran, UBS