RANT Movie Club

8th April 2020
Join The Isolation Arms


You are probably overwhelmed by the work-related conference calls on Zoom, the constant COVID-19 updates by the press every day and the fact that you need to follow government guidelines to #stayathome. We know all this is building up a pile of anxiety and uncertainty but this is why you can rely on the RANT Community to pick you up!

We want to connect our community as much as possible and we have found one of the best ways for this! How about all of us watch a cybersecurity related movie on Netflix Party? This will be accompanied by our very own Discord channel -The Isolation Arms where all of us can contribute to the discussion.

We will be watching a movie so accurate in its portrayal of Cybersecurity, some unnamed sources have called it “pretty much a docudrama of my life“. We are of course, talking about “Blackhat”, the blockbuster hit sitting pretty with an IMDB score of 5.4 out 10 with one of the many Hemsworth brothers in the starring role. Fancy joining us?

Make sure to install the Netflix Party extension (only available for Google Chrome Browsers) and keep your eyes peeled on social media or join our discord channel ahead of time to get the Netflix Party link.

Join our virtual pub “The Isolation Arms” on discord and then crack open a beer for a tongue in cheek experience with live commentary from cyber journalists, white hat hackers and luminaries drawn from across the industry.

RANT and our partner eclat marketing are thus proud to be supporting the Cavell Nurses’ Trust, our chosen charity for RANT Cyber Film Clubs going forward. Help us say thank you to the real heroes of the hour, every donation counts!


Virtual Movie Club

  • 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
    Movie starts


    Nick, a hacker, is released from jail when a code created by him is linked to a terrorist attack. While trying to help the police, he gets dragged into the conflicts between America and China.


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A Regular RANT'er

Thanks for the invitation, it was a great evening with some very interesting discussions. The excellent venue lived up to its impressive image and the food was very good with a good mix of options. The discussion topic was very appropriate, but also the spread of sectors presented also showed that it is quite a transversal topic for our industry. The vendor's knowledge on the topic was very good and thought-provoking. I'd like to be invited to similar RANT events in the future. Really good event, I really enjoyed it and the mix of people.

Dan Harris – CISO, AXA