• "RANT organise events of particular interest, with Industry leaders providing informative trends and developments. This is a great opportunity to network, whilst keeping abreast of the latest"
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    New Rant'er


    Regular RANT Attendee

  • "A true networking event which inspires and educates in equal measures."

    Andrew Rice

  • "Well placed events with topics relevant to the current needs. This way it is beneficial to all involved - the attendees, exhibitors and organisers. Also the pool of attendees is a good mix a"
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    Michael Volkmer

  • "RANT provides a space where professionals can address information security concerns without suffering fools and industry hype."

    Long standing RANT attendee

  • "Very informative sessions with knowledgeable speakers."

    Bunmi Nsofor, SDI Media

  • "The RANT Forum brings together people who have responsibility for security in common, lobs in a controversial viewpoint and encourages fierce debate. This is not merely fun, it is wonderful "
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    A Regular RANT'er

  • "RANT - an unique series of events to be able call "BS" on a buzzword and fashion driven industry!"

    Paul Simmonds

  • "Great organisation and fun events!"

    Andrew Yeomans, Arqit

  • "RANT provides a forum for open and honest discussion about a huge range of Cyber Security issues and topics. It is really valuable to get such a range of opinions from professionals in th"
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    Will Smith, L&G

  • "The event is educative helpful and this provides opportunity to network with other professionals"

    Ade Adewale, HSBC

  • "Have been attending RANT events for several years now and the format and networking options are second to none."

    Pierce Ferriter, Dtcc

  • "Rant provides a very well thought out and presented range of sessions ranging from general networking events to focused discussion groups covering key topics that impact our businesses"

    Mark Foran, UBS

  • "These events are key to keeping awareness of what issues my peers are experiencing and the focus for discussion and delivery."

    Adam Saunders, Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd

  • "I have thoroughly enjoyed RANT events, where I have been introduced to new vendors, and other professionals within the industry. Whilst the events are vendor sponsored, there is no pressure "
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    William Lau, Finastra

  • "Amongst the plethora of tech related industry events which take place ...RANT is the most witty and vibrant discussion forum I have ever attended. Be different and keep doing what you guys d"
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    Mark Adjei, UBS

  • "A thoroughly interesting evening where we were introduced to novel approaches to solving the problems we've failed to address for years "

    November Supper Club attendee

  • "Another great evening with robust and varied conversation. Refreshing to be able to speak freely with my peers as always."

    Alexandra Willsher- Global CISO Gateway Security, Aviva

  • "The evening was a perfect blend of entertaining, useful networking, banter and opinion. Oh, and the food and drink were particularly good. I'm looking forward to joining in future events."

    Jim Newman, Information Security Manager, Jaja Finance

  • "The RANT Roundtable Dinner was a very good evening. I met some interesting people and there was some lively discussion on various topics. I’d also like to mention some positive engageme"
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    Neil Cornfoot, Principal Security Engineer, Telefonica UK

  • "RANT Dinners - An excellent networking opportunity where you will definitely learn a thing or two."

    Global Risk Architecture, JP Morgan

  • "Thanks for the invite. A very professional evening. Good mixture of interesting talks, people, venue, food and wine"

    A Recent Supper Club Attendee

  • "Thank you for the invitation to the excellent event on Thursday evening - I particularly enjoyed the opening by Stephen Bonner. Not a sales pitch. Funny. And insightful. Plus a fabulous venu"
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    Steve Hill

  • "An excellent evening. Rant picked a very good venue and speakers. Keep ranting!"

    Dawn James, A regular RANT'er

  • "RANT is a useful independent forum for discussing the pragmatic, real world issues of information security when working with the compromises of an organisation with changing priorities and r"
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    A Regular RANT'er

  • "I particularly enjoyed listening to Max from RBC, his insight into what can be a dry topic was funny and lighthearted"

    A new RANT Forum Attendee

  • "Great atmosphere and great conversation sparked by the RANT topic, irrespective of whether the speakers manage to hold their own or get demolished by the audience!"

    Paul Green, a regular RANT attendee

  • "RANT is a long standing forum providing an opportunity for open and unbiased debate on information security and data privacy issues outside of the constraints of corporate pressures, alongsi"
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    Mike Ixer, A regular RANT attendee

  • "RANT Events are really fun, engaging and valuable events. Highly recommended to meet peers, discuss current affairs in cyber security and talk nonsense over beers."

    Vladimir Jirasek, A Regular RANT Attendee

  • "There's a genuine air of conviction (of the right sort) around the challenges you get from the audience when speaking at a RANT event. Quite happy to come away with two falls and a submissio"
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    Danny Dresner, A Regular RANTer and Speaker

  • "Great events, a good way to get up to speed on latest industry developments in a friendly atmosphere."

    Chris Coombe, A RANT Forum Attendee

  • "Huge thanks to the RANT team for this event – well up to your usual very high standard. Nice opportunity to get to know a few of the faces from the conference – in congenial and comforta"
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    Chris Sluman

  • "Thank you for all the hard work and organisation that goes into organising these things. As gobby as I am on the night, I value RANT for its unique approach and diversity of church. Tough th"
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    Dave Brooks

  • "Thanks for the invitation, it was a great evening with some very interesting discussions. The excellent venue lived up to its impressive image and the food was very good with a good mix of o"
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    Dan Harris – CISO, AXA

  • "Overall, this was simply the best event I have attended, possibly ever!"

    A RANT Conference attendee

  • "The other participants all seemed to be there to discuss, share and gain experience and it was refreshing that it didn't feel like anybody was showing off."

    A RANT Conference attendee

  • "It was a pleasure and an honour to participate at RANT. Please pass my thanks to all the team for making such a success of the day and evening."

    A RANT Conference attendee

  • "I have to say this was by far the best RANT Conference of them all! I thoroughly enjoyed myself."

    A RANT Conference attendee

  • "Fab conference. Very well done."

    A RANT Conference attendee

  • "The event was brilliant and I hope it is that good next year around."

    A RANT Conference attendee

  • "Quite, quite marvellous."

    A RANT Conference attendee

  • "Informative, fun and great discussion/debate as usual. Cracking Event. Keep on doing what you do so well!"

    A RANT Conference attendee

  • "Some awesome content and speakers."

    A RANT Conference attendee

  • "First class event. This is the best event on the calendar. At the end of each panel, I was wanting more!"

    RANT Conference attendee

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