77% of polled IT Professionals admitted it would be easy to steal sensitive information if they were to leave their organisation

Published: Monday 5th November 2018

IT security professionals’ top fear is disgruntled employees sharing sensitive data — but most admit it’s easy to steal.

• When asked to share their worst IAM nightmare, respondents’ most common answer (at 27 percent) was a disgruntled employee sharing sensitive information.
• 22 percent of IT security professionals’ worst nightmare is having their CIO interviewed on TV following an IAM-cause data breach, and 18 percent most fear usernames and passwords being posted to the dark web.
• Nearly 8 in 10 (77 percent) of the IT security professionals polled admitted that it would be easy for them to steal sensitive information if they were to leave their organization.
• 12 percent of respondents admit that they would steal data if they were mad or upset enough.

Effective IAM and PAM are critical to mitigating cyber risk and maintaining a firm security posture for any organization. These survey results reveal that many businesses across the globe are struggling to implement some of the most basic best practices across both IAM and PAM security disciplines, including but not limited to: resetting a privileged password after each time the account is accessed, and thereby restricting the sharing of administrative credentials; immediately deprovisioning former user accounts; quickly resetting user passwords to maintain user productivity; and monitoring and logging identity activity.  Adhering to these and other IAM and PAM best practices can greatly help organizations reduce the threat of security breaches and other risks due to inappropriate or unsanctioned user access. Conversely, the larger the volume of poorly managed user and administrative accounts available to bad actors, the more damage can be done, such as data breaches and leakage, compliance violations and fines, loss of customer trust, and a tarnished brand.

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