Cyber Security Market & Remuneration Report 2020-21

Published: Tuesday 12th January 2021

Acumin RSR | Digital’s Salary Report is a bellwether for the salary trends impacting those tasked with setting and delivering cyber strategy inside UK PLC and those employed by cyber security technology vendors in the UK.

Salary data drawn from the nation’s largest cyber specialist candidate database, collected over 22 years of operation, is analysed by our teams and given context by market intelligence to understand the macro factors impacting on salary trends.

The report also draws on qualitative data to highlight the themes on the minds of senior security leaders defending some of the largest organisations in the UK. Alongside a high-level analysis of current industry trends within UK cyber security technology vendors, focusing on the challenges, opportunities and catalysts that those working in the industry have experienced over the past 12-months.

Acumin is in a unique position to perform such research, operating at an intersection of senior security talent and organisational demand.

Download report here.