FireEye M-Trends Report 2019

Published: Thursday 4th April 2019

On the surface, not much has changed over the past 10 years. 2018 was much like 2017, and 2017 like the preceding years. We continue to see large impactful incidents, though fewer high-profile public disclosures. Extortion cases are on the rise, assisted by cryptocurrency and other forms of non-attributable payment. Cryptocurrencies are also directly targeted via wallets, payment systems and miners.

The significant trends or shifts we saw in 2018 were:

• A significant increase in public attribution performed by governments. Recent years have seen a significant increase in private sector attribution of attack activity, but the past year saw a significant number of attacks publicly attributed by way of indictments from the U.S., U.K., Netherlands and Germany. Some of these were assisted by data from private sector companies such as
FireEye. Governments have not changed their operational rules of engagement, but they are combating threats publicly through indictments.

• As more and more customers move to software as a service and cloud, attackers are following the data. Attacks against cloud providers, telecoms, and other organizations with access to large amounts of data have increased.

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