Published: Monday 2nd December 2019


Acumin Consulting’s Salary Survey 2019-2020 is the definitive salary reference resource for the UK cyber security industry. The information published in the survey is compiled from the largest cyber specific candidate database in the UK, with input from our recruitment and operations team, as well as comparative insight from external sources.

With over 20 years of experience, exclusively in the cyber security sector, we are uniquely placed to provide a comprehensive review of the estimated salary ranges for job titles in End User, Security Intelligence and Consultancies, Public Sector and Vendor organisations. Alongside this, the survey provides career path information where applicable and representations of the requirements necessary for both junior and senior roles.

The Salary Survey includes a summary of key challenges and topics that have affected the industry over the past 12-months, providing our unique take on how the market has changed; from recruitment trends to the latest certifications and cyber security threats.

Acumin source the Salary Survey data from quantitative and qualitative research; reviewing our placement information, industry network and expansive candidate database. We bring in our senior consultants to review and add their expert insight into realistic salary bands based on their extensive market knowledge.

You can download the survey here.