Andreas Wuchner

Andreas Wuchner

Group Head IT and Risk Governance Credit Suisse

Andreas Wuchner is a highly skilled Information Security, IT Security and IT-Risk management leader, who has experience in operating within complex global business environments.

Andreas has over a decade of security experience and knowledge in all aspects of cyber security management & operations. He is a self-motivated, professional dedicated individual who thrives on challenge and welcomes opportunities to lead and manage large security environments to develop and achieve set goals and targets.

Specialties: Andreas has a wide range of information security and organization management experience, covering a broad spectrum of security related activities including; IT-Risk Management, Identity and Access Management, Audit, Security operations, Security innovation, e-discovery / investigations, strategy / communications, developing Security capabilities and operating departmental budgets / plans.

Andreas is a regular speaker & presenter with media experience. Presenting to C-Level executives, regulators and Audit bodies is a common task for him.