Cevn Vibert

Cevn Vibert

CA Senior Cyber Compliance Manager Public Sector


Chartered IT Professional. 20k connections.

Certified Smart Cities and Infrastructure Security Professional SCCISP

I help you improve the security of your organisation. Over 25 years of experience in Consulting with Organisations, Boards, IT SCADA IIoT OT ICS Holistic Integrated Security Solutions, C2, Industrial Cyber Security, 62443, NIST, GRC, Emergency Management, Situational Awareness, Industrial Automation and ICS Industrial Information Systems. Manufacturing Production and Industrial Information Solutions, and Critical Infrastructure Protection.

I offer business benefits, training, workshops, marketing events, speaking, board level or shop floor level, IT high level systems, technologies and a wide range of industries.

I have worked in UK and globally with many systems integrators and blue chip multinationals.

Consultant/Director of Industrial Cyber Security with Vibert Solutions Limited.

Chair of The Institute of Measurement and Control’s Cyber SIG Group.

Member of the UK Cyber Alliance building the UK government’s new UK Cyber Security Council.

Working with the National Cyber Security Centre NCSC ICS COI on Industrial Cyber.

Technical Lead on a new Global Industrial Cyber SOC and GRC Project for a large oil company.

30+ Years’ experience in ICS/OT, Manufacturing, Cyber and Critical National Infrastructures in UK and overseas.

Chair/Speak at many international conferences on Nuclear Industrial Cyber, Industrial Cyber for Critical National Infrastructures, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Maritime, IIOT, Buildings, etc.

Cyber, Cyber Security, IEC 62443,OG86, CAF, NIS-Directive, NIST, 800-83, ANSSI, Cyber Essentials, NIST-D, IRAM, Directive, GDPR, ISMS, NERC CIP, CPNI, Killchain, Risk Assessments, nCipher, HSMs, PSIMs, CCTV, C2, ICS, Rockwell, Wonderware, Intouch, InSQL, Intrack, FTView, FTPC, RSView, RSSQL, RSBizware, FactoryTalk, Siemens, Citect, SCADAReports, Ampla, Schneider, GE Fanuc, Proficy, Microsoft, MSRS, Reporting Services, MSSQL, SQL Server, Industrial Ethernet

Gap Analysis, Risk Analysis, Compliance, Governance, Requirements Capture Consultancy, Sales, Marketing, Systems Solutions, Workshops, bringing disparate teams together, Industrial data warehousing, networks, event management.

SCADA, Industrial Databases, Historians, Trackers, Efficiency, OEE, Health Monitoring, Downtime, Product Tracking, Track and Trace, IACS, ICS, Industry4.0, IIOT

Wonderware, Intouch, InSQL, Intrack, Rockwell, RSView, RSSQL, FTPC, Factory Talk.



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