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RANT Forum

Running since 2004, The RANT Forum is our longest running networking event.  Held every month in central London, and quarterly in Manchester, these forums provide an opportunity to gain CPE credits through your contribution to thought leading talks and discussions. For delegates and sponsors alike the relaxed environment lends well to debate, open discussion, networking and professional relationship building.

The panel talks are always stimulating and controversial and often comprise of a mix of sponsors and end users. They are followed by a relaxed networking opportunity for all members to discuss and debate relevant Information Security issues with like-minded individuals.   The events are held under The Chatham House Rule and are the perfect opportunity for the InfoSec community to talk about the real issues the industry faces and freely share their own experiences and opinions throughout the discussions and the networking.

The RANT Forum delegates are senior Cybersecurity professionals working within end user organisations. The format for the events is informal yet informative, with a sponsor leading a topical, engaging and active discussion followed by networking. Attendance is limited to a maximum of 100 delegates to ensure a collaborative event. RANT has a large following for the Forums and all the events become oversubscribed very quickly.

The value of the RANT Forum lies in its ability to create an environment that drives active audience participation between our attendees and our sponsors, raising the profile of our sponsor in front of some of the industry’s most respected influencers and decision makers and stimulating lasting relationships between them.

RANT Conference

On the 3rd April 2019 RANT will embark on an exciting journey from Portsmouth Harbour to No Mans Fort in the Solent for a day of keynote talks, debates, panel discussions, educational workshops and networking combined with exciting tours of the fort, astounding views, wonderful hospitality and access to disruptive new technologies from some of the UKs most innovative and trusted vendors. Sponsorship packages with speaking slots still available – please email Tom (

Our quite unusual island venue brings a whole new experience to RANT.  The event will stick to our trusted roots and provide thought provoking, visionary and occasionally controversial keynote talks, panel debates and cyber soapboxes lead by the industry’s evangelists, rebels and best ranters. Not to mention more of our off the wall entertainment and plenty of networking.

The RANT Conference is specifically for the Senior End User Information Security community and provides a unique platform for interactive discussion and debate, meaning you are free to voice your thoughts, opinions and experiences throughout the day, and especially throughout any of the talks. RANT encourages interaction and debate from the audience. All RANT Events operate under the Chatham House Rule.

RANT Executive Dinners

RANT Executive Dinners are invitation only events, held at luxurious, exclusive private dining venues across London. Roundtables bring together senior end-user professionals and 1 sponsoring organisation to openly discuss current challenges in the industry, propose solutions and develop relationships.

Good structure and moderation are absolute cornerstones of successful roundtables to ensure each attendee is involved in the discussion, that the conversation flows smoothly and that outputs are captured for later action. RANT are experts at ensuring this is done – you’re in safe hands.

Hosted in top London restaurants that provide private dining and in-line with our dedication to interesting and engaging events, we have hosted previous Roundtables everywhere from The Savoy, to the highest-altitude dining room in London. These events provide the most intimate access to our C-Suite members and are ideal for anyone looking to be the leader in their field.

RANT Wine Tasting

Our bespoke events are tailored to your requirements and are highly targeted to reach your desired audience and accounts. They can be exclusive, focused events for just 10 members or reach wide audiences of over 100 members.  We organise VIP Roundtables, Mini Conferences, Breakfast Briefings, Technology Showcases, Workshops, Wine Tastings, Private Parties, or any other kind of event you may have in mind.

Further information on previous Bespoke events or any of our other offerings can be supplied on request.  Please contact Tom for more information on how to get involved

RANT Supper Club

This event will take you on a whole new extravagant journey: Victorian venues,  fine dinning and a relaxed networking environment. Combining the atmosphere of our participation-lead Forums and the exclusive environments of our Roundtables, we have launched our quarterly Supper Club.  A fine dining, discussion and networking based event for just 30 members, this is a prime event for a thought leading presentation and discussion with time for networking and building new connections thanks to our facilitated introductions.

We have multiple, cost effective, sponsorship opportunities for each event, please contact Tom for more information on how to get involved

The evening was a perfect blend of entertaining, useful networking, banter and opinion. Oh, and the food and drink were particularly good. I'm looking forward to joining in future events.

Jim Newman, Information Security Manager, Jaja Finance

The RANT Roundtable Dinner was a very good evening. I met some interesting people and there was some lively discussion on various topics. I’d also like to mention some positive engagement that came about after last year’s Infosec Rant. Thanks to a very topical discussion at RANT on Neurodiversity, I was introduced to a group of neuro diverse students studying Information Security in Worcester, who joined me on a Pentesting project within my organisation. This project provided them with exceptional work experience and allowed us all to learn from each other. This successful project will hopefully be run again this year, and is all thanks to a conversation held at a Rant event.

Neil Cornfoot, Principal Security Engineer, Telefonica UK