Cyberseer are skilled in Advanced Threat Detection supporting some of the largest organisations in the UK and FTSE 100.

We Prevent Emerging Cyber Threats Before They Stop Your Business.                        

Cyberseer’s managed services enables organisations to detect, understand, prioritise and respond to threats faster, decreasing incident response times and costs.

Our team of skilled Analysts provide unparalleled threat detection using machine learning technology combined with expert threat analysis. They interpret suspicious activities on your network and understand if a surfaced anomaly is worthy of investigation and therefore a real threat in the context of your environment.

Customers from a variety of industry sectors rely on Cyberseer’s threat detection and in-depth analysis capabilities to help hunt, detect and disarm attackers.

Insider Threat, Data Exfiltration, Ransomware and are a few threat cases our Analysts are detecting in our customers’ environment’s on a daily basis.

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  • Detect sophisticated insider threats;
  • Prevent external human-driven attacks;
  • Identify supply chain infections;
  • Expose compromised user accounts;
  • Implement Data Loss Prevention strategy;
  • Assist with Payment Card Industry compliance;
  • Protect critical data and assets;
  • Provide incident response management.

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