ThreatReady Resources

ThreatReady Resources

ThreatReady Resources can mitigate your cyber security risk with a managed campaign to ensure that your employees are ThreatReady. This unique solution will establish and maintain a high level of awareness, and drive cultural and behavioural change.


ThreatReady Resources’ Awareness Campaign will make your employees care, and through a continual, light touch, campaign of activities, will educate them on the risks and create a culture of cyber awareness that changes behaviour. This is not conventional eLearning, but a full service 12-month managed campaign to deploy a variety of multimedia awareness assets that use advanced learning techniques and are delivered to your employees at least twice a month with an average duration of 3 minutes, through multiple channels, such as email, web, twitter, social media etc. This entire campaign is managed and monitored by our professional Client Services team, who interact with you as frequently as required to customise, review and revise the ongoing campaign. We then measure your current Cyber Security employee vulnerability and produce a comprehensive management report and Board summary.


  • Engaging, Interesting and Current
  • Effectively managed
  • Measured and Monitored


“The managed campaign service is critical for taking the work off my plate and has exceeded my expectations!  The assistance in customising content specific to our goals and the ongoing advice and guidance from the ThreatReady team – has been extremely valuable.”

Darrell Flinn Head of Information Security & Data Protection at Alexander Mann

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